The Same Spot

This is Digby Pancake. What is one of your favorite spots? What makes it your favorite spot? What makes you feel refreshed?

For me, I like the couch. My bed. Everyone else’s bed. I love to sleep and to dream and to relax. Wherever I am.

I like going to my same spot often. In fact, every night. It’s a bit of a routine. And I like waking up there with Girl Person.

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Even birds have their favorite spots they go to.

Even other animals have their favorite spots.

Even a mushroom has a favorite spot. In the same conditions, you will find the same kind of mushroom in the same place over and over. Because it grows and it thrives there. It lives there.

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When you move your house on wheels so much, in fact all of the time, it’s easy to think that you can’t have a favorite spot to always go back to. It’s easy to think that no place is truly home. But that’s not right. We know it’s not right. We are just like you.  We are more the same than you know.

This week, as we were looking at the picnic table outside of our door, where we are right now…we realized we felt this to be a favorite spot.

The grass here and the leaves, and being with friends helps us to feel calm and settled. We’ve had that feeling before.

We had that feeling years ago in our Florida place.

We’ve had in it that California place.


We’ve had it with a familiar smell in the desert.

We’ve had that feeling with the smell of the ocean.

We may think there is only one spot we were meant to be. But I think it’s a feeling we always aim to find. That joy in our heart. Peace. Contentment. Everyone wants to have that feeling.  Everyone. We are like wild animals, moving, enjoying life, wanting something more. Wanting a favorite spot.  Changing our favorite spot, maybe.  And that’s ok.

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Today, Boy Person is taking the Big Blue Treat Wagon for someone to look at it.

We are making some decisions for the next year. And weighing our options. I’m glad we don’t have to get on a scale for that.

I’m not worried about losing my spot in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. Because as long as I can find my spot of happy, I’ll be content wherever we go. The trick is figuring out what makes your spot your favorite today. Change it tomorrow if you want. Don’t feel bad about it, and  don’t settle for any less.

Digby Pancake

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