The Log Pillow

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What makes you feel comfortable?

Does a soft pillow make you feel comfy?

What about a fluffy blanket?


Maybe a full belly of pancakes makes you feel comfortable like Digby Pancake.


For me, I’m the most comfortable with the uncomfortable. Yes. You heard it right. Some days, I like laying on the hard ground. It’s cold. I like that too.


Some days I like laying half on and half off of my dog bed. It’s highly uncomfortably comfortable.

And at our new campsite this week, I’m liking my log pillow. My hard, perfect log pillow. Logs are just great.


Some may not want to have a log pillow.


Maybe they prefer another kind of fancy pillow.


But for me, it’s just at the right height. It is in the Sunshiney.

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And since I have a hard head, it’s quite perfect for me. My log pillow.


Not only do I get to rest with my head propped up to keep an eye on things, I can pretend to be awake even when I am not.


Does seeing my log pillow make you uncomfortable? That’s ok.


Being uncomfortable sometimes is a very good thing. 

Because when we are in situations that maybe feel uncomfortable to us, it makes us realize that maybe we need to grow a bit more as individuals.


Maybe we visit a new area, or meet new people and we feel uncomfortable. Maybe we feel like we don’t belong there. But why do we feel like that? Maybe because we don’t view everyone as equal. Even if we thought we did.


When something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself why. And maybe try to learn more about them. Learn more about where they live. And in turn, learn more about yourself.


What can be your log pillow? Who do you want to learn about?

Peanut Butter Brickle

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