As Sweet As Sauerkraut

This is Digby Pancake. I’m sweet. You already know that. You already expect that. You could kind of say I’m the sweetest of the sweet.

I think being sweet is good. Very good.

But Brickle and Girl Person? They are two peas in a pod.

And you might say that sometimes, they have kind of a sour attitude.

Girl Person was feeling kinda sour yesterday.

She said there really wasn’t any particular reason. But she was feeling overwhelmed. She had to work and she had to go to that grocery store place. And you know she doesn’t particularly care for the stress of that. And well, she just couldn’t go. She just didn’t want to. But we needed a few things. I needed a sweet fill up in my belly to stay so sweet.

So Girl Person had an idea. We are camping near a German town called Helen, Georgia.

And Girl Person really wanted some sauerkraut. She really wanted some pickles.

You might say she had a craving for them. And she found a little store in the town. And she decided that instead of stressing herself out on a day she was already feeling sour, she would help herself to feel better and do the bare minimum. Get just what we needed and have fun doing it.

She put on her mask, got in the car and drove about 5 minutes. Then she was there! She was glad she didn’t drive half an hour to a busy store. She took her time and looked around.

She saw some German food that reminded her of her Swiss German family.

And she bought a few things she hadn’t even tried before.

And you better believe she bought that sauerkraut.

And pickles.

The truth is, there are days when we just can’t get what we need to get done done. But guess what? Some days you have to give yourself a break.

Life can be overwhelming. Even the simplest of tasks now seem hard. So give yourself the time you need to get back to your sweet side. Whether that’s sauerkraut, pickles or your favorite treat.

Even though we have responsibilities, we also have to realize there will be sour days. Don’t feel bad about what you didn’t do today. Think about how you can make it more enjoyable tomorrow. A sweet and positive attitude is nice. But sometimes you gotta have some sauerkraut.

-Digby Pancake 

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