Eggies And Toast

This is Digby Pancake. I’ve always enjoyed my breakfast.

I’ve always enjoyed my lunch.

I’ve always enjoyed all meals and all in between meals.

This is no secret. But what is a secret to many persons is finding joy in a day.

To find joy, some persons and yes, even dogs need a purpose. A reason for living. A way to be needed. A way to make a difference.

Do you feel you don’t have anything to accomplish or to look forward to? Can you change that? What will motivate you to do so?

Yesterday, Girl Person said we were going to take a hike to a waterfall here at the park. It was a bit uphill and harder for us than some hikes. But it also had much more to look forward to on the hike.

And we know when we work harder we get a bigger breakfast. And that is also something to definitely look forward to. That’s a purpose in my day if there ever was one.

Girl Person even made up a song to sing on the way back. Because truth be told, she was real hungry too. And she started singing as soon as we were on our trek back to the RV. “Eggies and toast. Eggies and toast. Cheesy Eggies and toast. For the boys I love the most.”

And Brickle thought this song was real funny or real bad, one or the other. And so he started to run faster. Either because he was hungry or because he wanted that song to be over.

We finally got back to camp after that concert performance.

Then Girl Person made our Eggies and toast. And we had breakfast together. And I thought about the hike and how it was hard work, but it made me feel good about myself.

It made me feel that I didn’t give up. Because I didn’t give up. Not that day or last month or last year. I didn’t give up. And I don’t plan to.

But one of the reasons that I don’t give up is because of my purpose. So find yours. You have one.

What makes you feel good about yourself? It probably isn’t an easy thing you want to accomplish. But imagine how good the reward will taste after.

I bet just as good as Eggies and toast. Dig in!

Digby Pancake

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