The Redo Routine

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. If there is anything that I like more besides myself, it is a bit of routine in my day.

Our days are always somewhere different. So a little routine is a good thing, but too much routine is not a good thing.

Usually, we take a hike in the morning before we have breakfast. Then we have another walk early afternoon around the campground or a short trail. Then, we take a nap, it is dinner time and we hike again.

You may think that is a lot of walking, but it is good for us. And we like the routine. But this week, Girl Person said we had to redo our routine. She said we had so much energy, that she thought it would be good to fit in one more short walk around camp for our day. Plus, a storm is coming.  A really big storm. We didn’t disagree. But I was surprised. Girl Person rarely changes things up. Girl Person is like clockwork.

Routine is a wonderful thing when you are practicing good habits. But too much routine can make whatever you are doing less enjoyable. Like it is a task to check off. And life shouldn’t be like that. No day should be like that.


To know when we need to redo our routine will take thought, especially if we have been doing the same things all of our lives. But change? Change can do you good. Change can do your dog good. Change can make you think a little harder. Change can make you be a little better.

No matter how old we are, remember you are the same person you were in your younger days. Wasn’t it great to wake up and not know what was in store?

Wasn’t it great to try new things? Wasn’t it great to keep your mind active and happy?

It can be like that again. If you redo your routine.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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