The Cowbell, The Seashell Card And The Recipe Box

This is Digby Pancake. What makes you happy when you’re at home? Home is something and somewhere different for us all.

Is it a favorite meal that makes you happy? Obviously.

But maybe it is a picture you have framed that makes you happy.

Maybe it is a vase full of flowers that makes you happy.

Maybe it is something that someone gave you who has been gone a long time.

We don’t have much stuff in our house on wheels. Because there is not too much room for anything.

We also move around a lot. Which I suppose is why our house has wheels.

So having stuff to carry around isn’t so smart. But Girl Person is what you call a little sentimental. And she has little things she likes to look at every now and then. She just gives the things “turns”.

She will bring out a few things, look at them and then put them up. Then she will pull out something else at the next stop. She’ll look at that. And then put it up. This week, she wanted to look at three things.

Her cowbell.

Her Pappy’s family used to live in a place called Switzerland where they had cows. And the cows were so fancy that they wore bells all the time.

Each person’s cows had a different sounding bell so that they could tell where the cows roamed.

When she takes out the bell, she thinks of her Pappy and how much she misses him. So she doesn’t look at the bell long. She listens to it. Which speaks to her heart.

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Her seashell card.

A few years ago while we were traveling, Boy Person made Girl Person an anniversary card out of seashells. Girl Person isn’t much for gifts. She doesn’t even have a diamond ring but wears a piece of petrified wood. So she loved this card. She takes it out to look at it to remember how much Boy Person means to her and not to take him for granted. She remembers all the trips they used to take to beaches and places with seashells. It makes her feel good.

The last thing she took out today was her recipe box.

She likes to look at it to remember recipes that are old and recipes that are simple. She likes to go back to simpler times when she looks at it. She loves to cook but sometimes she gets so busy it feels like a chore. This helps her to remember nothing we do should ever feel like a chore. We should do it because we want to.

So as you can see, these things brought joy to Girl Person this week. Sure, stuff doesn’t bring happiness. But sometimes you need something to help you remember the good in life. Something to help you remember who you are.

We don’t have to have a lot of stuff to make ourselves happy. It’s ok to want to be comfortable in life and be our best.

But don’t become so consumed with frivolous wants that you forget how good the simple things can make us feel. What we have should make us be better on the inside. Not make us forget about who and what we truly love and what is truly important.

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