Empathy For The Butterfly

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s hard having feelings, isn’t it? It’s hard being the sensitive type, isn’t it?

It seems like the more we are in nature, the more we feel. Because we see more. We notice more.

Some would choose not to see more. They would choose not to know more. Or to notice more.

And I suppose it might be easier that way. It might be easier just to be like everyone else.

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Yes. Sometimes it’s not easy to allow ourselves to feel.

We were taking a walk down a road. We were looking out for traffic because sometimes, a car would come. But we didn’t see any cars. We did see two butterflies though. One was flying. One was not. One was on the ground. Girl Person hoped at first that it was just resting. But the closer we got, the more sad she got. She really felt for this butterfly. She didn’t want to see it get ran over. So she told me and Digby Pancake to stay. We did. We know when she is serious.

She picked up the butterfly very easily and carefully and slowly.

As she held the butterfly in her hand to look at it, the other butterfly came and flew very close to Girl Person. Then it started circling them. Over and over. Girl Person said it was one of those moments you will never forget.

Then, as she looked at the butterfly in her hand and realized it was serious, she told the butterfly its life had been important. She told the butterfly she would never forget it. And she told the butterfly that it would be missed. Especially by its friend.

That’s when Girl Person called the flying butterfly back and showed it where she was putting the injured butterfly. She put it in a safe place off of the road with a flower. And we stood in silence all together as it faded away.

Yes. To stop and have empathy for the butterfly was not easy. It would have been easier to ignore. To turn around. But how can we do that? By not doing anything for someone in need, we are just as guilty as harming that someone.

Empathy may be difficult. In fact, Girl Person said for days that she cannot get it out of her mind. But she also said it makes it easier once you show empathy to show it again.

Butterfly? Thank you for making us stop in our tracks. Thank you for making us realize that at that moment, there was nothing more important than helping you.

And thank you for making it easier to help who next needs us next.

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