All Aboard!

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have pretty much taken over the blog this week. Ok. I have taken over the blog this week.  But there’s been a lot to take care of.  And I like taking care of it.

We had so much to do yesterday to pack up and leave the horse stables and campground.

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The persons were moving stuff all around.  They make me so tired on these moving days just watching them.  But I saw Boy Person stop in his tracks when he found evidence of a stowaway passenger.  A nest of sorts.  A nest of paper towels.  And since we have been in this predicament before, we just knew.  We had a mouse on board. They must love camping. They must. But they don’t want to pay for it.


Well, who does want to pay for stuff? But we have to, don’t we? You gotta do business to pay for things. Like a ride on the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  You can’t just hop on board without a ticket!


I have been buying tickets for this ride for over four years now. And some days, I would gladly sell my ticket to Commandeer Cashew Of The Caravan aka mouse. I am not scared of no mouse. And there is no way he is going to keep riding without paying his way.


Since we were so busy trying to pack up the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, we hoped that once we started the loud engine that the Commandeer Cashew would decide he should buy first class elsewhere . Because this RV is definitely all coach.


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Commandeer Cashew is so good at being a stowaway that we have not found or heard him.  Yet.  Is he still with us? We don’t know. Yet. But we do know that he must have told his friends in Blairsville, Georgia all about the easy ride to nowhere on this RV.  Yes. Yes, he did.

Because his spider friend, Spinner Spider, decided to hide in the awning, and when we got to our new campground a few hours later, well, she was there too!!

Spinner was rebuilding her web.  Not even caring that she had no ticket to show.  Thanking Commandeer Cashew for the tip. Little did she know that I would ask to see her ticket.

Spiders don’t care for showing tickets or buying tickets. She wanted a free ride too. And well, even though I was taking care of business and getting quite irritated at all these non paying train riders, I got to thinking.  Just like I always do.

What good is having something if you can’t share it? Sure, the Big Blue Treat Wagon has had its share of problems.  But it is our home. It is not new. It is not without flaws. But it means something to us. And apparently, others must appreciate it too.  That made us feel good.

We all need to put ourselves in someone else’s place sometimes. We may not understand truly how hard of a time some individuals have trying to make ends meet.  Trying to survive.  We were all born with the capacity to give. To understand. To help.

I got to thinking that perhaps I was at fault for not realizing I should have offered a ticket to the stowaways. Wouldn’t it have been nice if I would have been observant enough to recognize what they needed?

How long will Commandeer Cashew be with us and his friend Spinner Spider? We don’t know. But we will show hospitality…as long as they don’t steal my peanut butter or Digby’s pancakes.  All aboard the giving train! You are invited.  You don’t even need a ticket.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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