No Shirt, No Service

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Sometimes you may plan to go somewhere, and you get all excited.  You think about what you will see when you are there.  You think about what you will eat when you are there.  You think about who you will see when you are there.  And you get so excited!  That’s how we felt when we went to Manatee Springs State Park last week in this Florida place.

I had my pawtograph book all ready.  Yes, some may ask for my pawtograph every now and then, but I was looking for one this time! I heard all about the manatees that come here.  And although I have seen them before, well, it never gets old.

 Like how Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle feels about looking in the mirror at himself.

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When we got there, we took a hike, and we read the signs, and the ranger told us that earlier in the day, the manatees had been there.  

He said the water was just warm enough for them here.  And that they came here to escape the cold weather.

Now, as we were looking for the manatees, I thought about all of the signs that we had read.  I had to have something to do to pass the time because guess what?  No manatees were showing up yet.  I felt like a fan waiting backstage for my favorite group!  Where were they?

I stood there waiting and watching the persons.  And out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a sign.  Yes, I can read.  “No shirt, no service.”  I thought about it.  I have never wore pants and I cannot stand them.  I have not run across any problems before.  And obviously, who needs to wear a shirt when you don’t wear pants?  But here I was.  Without pants and without a shirt, and I realized right then.  We were definitely not going to see any manatees.  Nope.  Nope.  We were wasting our time. And although the persons tried to explain to me the real reason we saw no manatees, that was too sad. So I stuck with my reasoning.

I wondered why in the world it was so important to wear a shirt to see manatees and that’s when I knew.  Manatees must wear tee shirts.  Yes, yes they did.  And they must have made up this rule.  And now, I was going to get no service.  No pawtograph.  Well.  This was a let down.

The persons waited around awhile, and I knew that they didn’t understand they the manatees never showed up.  I knew that they didn’t understand we had driven an hour to look at pretty water, but never had a chance at seeing them because my choice of apparel had failed us.

But then I thought again.  Maybe the manatees were so proud of the fact that they wore tee shirts that they wanted everyone to as well! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Maybe they wanted to start their own fashion line.

Maybe they wanted to be the next style trend. Maybe it was important to them. And since we were visiting their house, I guess I should have known that.

When we travel, we have to remember we are visitors. It’s always respectful to learn customs and to be respectful to how others live and what they feel is important. Wouldn’t we want others to show the same respect to us?

So manatees? If we ever visit again, we will he sure to remember to bring a shirt. But you didn’t say anything about pants.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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