The Empty House

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I heard someone say yesterday that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Well. Persons say the fanciest, craziest things to sound as intelligent as Brickle thinks he is. I can only imagine it means you should instead throw pancakes. That sticks to your bones. Which is another saying that I don’t have time to understand.

On one of our hikes this week, we didn’t find any glass houses. But instead, we found an old log cabin in the woods called the Carter Cabin.

The persons said it is really old. In fact, it’s one of the oldest houses around here. It’s from 1774. And it’s been moved a few times to where it sits now.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with this house to tell you the truth. And I always tell the truth unless my watch is broke. And in that case, I’ll always say it’s dinner time, no matter the time.

I wasn’t thrilled because the house was empty. Dark. It echoed. And I did not want to go in it. Neither did Brickle. But we did. And I wasn’t any more thrilled once I got in there. Because it was empty.

The persons said there were no windows built in the back of the house so that if someone came to attack who was in there, they would have to go to the front. Never ceases to amaze me the fighting that has went on thru the years with persons.

As we stood on the front porch and admired the view, from the outside I might add, I listened to the creek.

I could only imagine the sounds of families and persons who had lived here. The sounds of life and the sounds of home. The sounds of happy.

And I felt almost sad that no one lived here anymore. I suppose it’s not fancy enough for persons. I suppose it’s too hard to get to. I suppose other places are better for them they think.

And I wondered. Do their big houses sound the same as the empty house in the woods? I hoped not. But I know some do.

Persons put so much effort and expense into houses they fill with things. They think that is life. They think that will make them feel less lonely. But a house is not a home. A home is where you laugh and cry. A home is where you feel at peace. A home doesn’t have to be big. A home doesn’t even have to be a house. It can be an RV, a boat, a trailer, or a tent. Mine just has to have enough room for my pancakes.

Travel teaches us many things. And changes our minds on what we thought we knew. Don’t put your value in an empty house. Make your house your home. Appreciate it while you can.

One day, maybe we will have a different home other than the Big Blue Treat Wagon.

But I know this for sure. It will never be empty. Our dog hair will live on.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. barbara sevrens

    Good morning guys have a wonderful day today. Love what you said about a house. Fill your home with things that matter to you. Enjoy that home you showed us. Oh well be blessed today.❀❀🐾🐾😎

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