Do The Forgive

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Yes. Yes. I love to arrest people. I love to arrest anyone or anything that needs arresting. My arrest log is quite thick. As thick as a jar of peanut butter. And that’s thick.

With all of my many arrests, I have time for little else. Because the arrest is usually just the start. Then I have my paperwork. Then I have a trial. Then I have to sentence. Then, I start all over again with another arrest.

Just last week, I arrested a crazy truck that kept running for hours, disturbing the peace. Then I arrested Loco the Lizard for stealing my bed.

Then I arrested Digby for that smell. I don’t know what the smell was. Basically, it’s not to be identified. And I’m still catching up.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be a bit more selective on the amount of arrests I make. Sure. Some can’t be avoided. But some may just deserve a warning. And I have to say, some offenses may even deserve forgiveness.

No. I’m not going soft on you. That’s Digby Pancake.

But he taught me a lesson yesterday. You see, Digby can be a bit antsy. Unless he is sleeping, he doesn’t care to sit still and just relax. We were trying to sit outside in the shade because it was too hot to do anything else and Girl Person wanted us to get some fresh air at least. We had to wait till it was evening and we were looking forward to it.

But Digby acted like he didn’t want to sit down. And Girl Person was getting irritated. But what she didn’t know until later that night was that Digby’s little leg hurt. He couldn’t sit down. He was hurting. His tremors had come back.

It wasn’t that Digby was mad at Girl Person though. She didn’t understand. So he understood her lack of understanding. No arrest was made. He did the forgive. Can we do the forgive?

You see, it wouldn’t have helped Digby heal any better being upset or dwelling on the wrong. He knew Girl Person might never know the reasons why he wouldn’t sit. People though can’t seem to get that. People hold on to hurt and resentment and anger for years. They hope the other person will know just how much they hurt them. But it hurts their health and their wellbeing. Sometimes the one in the wrong may not be sorry or know they caused harm. But even if they do, do we think about what molded them? Do we put ourselves in their shoes or their paws? If we can do the forgive before it’s too late, will we feel that love in our hearts? Would we want that same love to be shown to us? I wonder. And I know. I need to forgive more often.

Sometimes I think of it in this way. Would I try and save someone’s life when it came down to it? Yes. What about the person I want to forgive but can’t? Would I save them? So if I would do that, can I do the forgive? I can. You can too.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. barbara sevrens

    Happy 45th to you guys. Yes we must forgive not hold grudges. Hope digby’s. Leg gets better.

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