The Laundry Sun

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. If you look forward to laundry day, you must need underwear. Obviously. But alas, as Deputy Digby says, “say no to pants.” And I can guarantee, if everyone had to do laundry at a campground, they might agree also. Laundry is a quandary.

As much as the persons hate doing laundry, they hate the whole process beforehand. If we are fortunate enough to have machines at camp, yay. But then, not yay when we play the game of will the machines be available? If they are available, what did someone wash in there before us? And will they get their clothes out of the machine when they are done? Ugh.

Well. We are used to all that. But we aren’t used to walking on the sun to get to the laundry machines. It’s the walk of a thousand suns in this Florida place.

The persons carry their laundry bags, get their quarters, and make the haul to gamble on if they will snag a machine. No need to go see if the machines are available beforehand. Because by the time you get back to get your laundry, well, someone will grab it. Yep.

It’s not the point that this particular campground has over 200 spaces and two machines. I just felt like mentioning that.

But the point is, if you can somehow make it thru the walk in the sun carrying your dirty drawers, quarters and detergent, and you get a machine, you feel like the luckiest soul in the world.

How is it that a simple life seems quite inconvenient at times? Maybe because it’s inconvenient.

We all want what we want when we want it. We forget the things that make a rushed life more convenient and enable us to rush more. But when you don’t have a choice, when both machines are taken, and you have to wait, you wait. You do something else. You hit the pause button.

But don’t hit that on the machine because you’ll break it. Just sayin.

Now, when our laundry is finally done in the dryer, you may think that’s it. But what you don’t know is that if you pull your clothes out of there right away you are gonna burn the britches you aren’t even wearing. It’s not just hot. It’s an inferno to be compared with the sun walk. And there you go. You then get to carry back your hot laundry in the sun and you wonder. Maybe Digby was right. Say. No. To. Pants.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This is Brickle and Digby. We are excited this week to bring to you an uplifting, daily series in partnership with Mongoose Bikes!

You already know we are about traveling and staying active with your dog! But we are also about making a difference for homeless animals around the country and beyond. Our persons were thinking about buying some new bicycles to give them some exercise and fun in between rescue work. But last week, as we were driving, we noticed people that were homeless. We knew that if we saw animals in a similar situation, we would find a way to help. So we wondered, what could we do to help homeless people too and not just animals? After all, kindness should extend to all individuals. And since it’s people who can help animals, doesn’t making a difference for people help animal too? Well, we found a way. A way that you may not have thought about. And that’s donating your old bike to a homeless organization! How can this help? Stay tuned for more all this week as we share this journey. Right now, we are loading up our old bikes. Check back tomorrow to find out what we are doing! We will be posting on this blog and Instagram all week! Don’t miss a day!

Thanks to Mongoose for partnering with us! We can all make a difference together for animals AND people!


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  1. MaryAnn Hurst

    Awe…. we are all God’s children… it’s wonderful to be such a help. We never know what a small kindness is going to mean to a person or a furbaby…. I try to never be a judge because you never know what has happened to someone… l’m always so blessed when I can help someone… So thanks for reminding us all to be kind to everyone and every living being♥️

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