Bigger Than The Ocean

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I know that you know I love the beach. I love the ocean. I love it more than just about anything.

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I could sit for hours and hours looking and listening to the waves. And if I had my choice, I would choose the ocean any day, any hour, any minute. If I had a rose, I would give it a bouquet.


But as much as I love the ocean, looking at it without Digby Pancake there just doesn’t seem as fun. I never thought I would say this. But there is one thing bigger than the ocean and my love for the ocean. The love I have for my brother.


And yesterday, it seemed like everything we had been thru the past week was getting to us all.  We had to wait for the vet person to call.  And the persons were all braced for the bad news, because that is what the doctors told us to do.  It was a very hard day.  Nothing seemed to feel real.  The world was in slow motion.  And yet, I knew.  I knew Digby could get better.  But no one knows how to speak bark.  And so I let them wait for their person call.


Girl Person was told that Digby’s tests did not show signs of the very bad cancer monster nor the less bad cancer monster.  Yet, he had some sort of infection.  Is this 100% the answer? No, but it is the absolute best news we could have hoped for.  Now starts more medications for three weeks and Pet Releaf too.   Once that is over, Digby will get another ultrasound thing to see if the monsters, whoever they are, have shrunk.

This isn’t going to be easy.  But Digby says that he can do it.  And I believe him.  I also believe that all the love and support from everyone was bigger than any ocean.  Deeper than any ocean.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

But for now, this day brings hope.  This day brings a sense of peace.  That although we almost didn’t make it…although Digby almost did not pull thru, he did.


I am missing our long hikes together, but I have to admit.  I’ll walk around the block with Digby for the rest of my days over a day at the beach.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

7 thoughts on “Bigger Than The Ocean

  1. Tara Mikkel Metcalf

    I just heard the results. I am so happy. I know that Digby still has a few hills to climb, but he is awesome so I know he will do it!!!

  2. Wendy Laveaux

    Bless you Brickle!!! You’re the best brother Digby could have, in the entire world! Loads of love to you both and to GP + BP.

    1. Corkie Kramer

      Sooo glad you got some news that at least gives you some hope for a better outcome. My prays to all of you.

  3. barbara Sevrens

    Praying for Digby that he heals soon. Thank you for keeping us posted. I love Digby and sheriff brickle. Take care of yourselves and enjoy everyday you have with each other. Happy Tuesday ❤❤🐾🐾🌷😍😍

  4. Patricia Moller

    Thank you Brickle for being such a loving and caring big brother. The news about Digby was great, we are not out of the woods yet. With you by his side, Digby will be just fine. When we get older, it’s time to slow down and take each day as it comes and be thankful we are still here and together. You and Digby are loved by many. I love you and your persons to the moon and back. So here’s to ocean breezes and mountain hikes in the future. Kisses on your fuzzy nose.

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