Don’t Buy A Ticket To The Shower Show

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. When you buy a ticket to a show, you usually find out what time it is, where it is and you get real excited about it. If you are like me and Deputy Digby, you think about what kind of snacks they will offer.

You might get all dressed up too. Because you know, it’s a show. Unless it’s the shower show. What you don’t wear matters.

And when you are at camp, you expect that things aren’t that high class. You don’t get fancy towels at the shower show. You don’t get fancy shampoo. Or soap. Unless it’s old soap on the floor.

What makes the shower show a show? Oh, the singing. By others. My ticket didn’t mention that. Some people can sing good.

Some people can sing bad. And that’s not the problem. The problem starts when the singing is so loud that you can’t hear the soap squishing on the floor. The problem continues when the singing is not appropriate for all ears. Even dogs’. And the problem doesn’t stop until they are done.

When you are at your show, you try to hold your applause. Because the show has just begun and you don’t want to interrupt it. Because here comes the second act. You have kids and parents to listen to.

“Ugh, don’t touch the walls”.

“I forgot the towels.”

“Get back here and don’t look in the other stalls! What’s wrong with you?!”

“Mom, I don’t want to get dressed. I don’t want to be in here. Mom. Mom. Mom.”

I’m serious about this because Girl Person has told me all about it. And she says that act three is the best one.

She says at the end of the show if you can make it out alive or at least halfway clean, you walk back to your campsite. You have to try not to get your feet too dirty. You try to forget you are walking around with a towel on your head. When did this become normal? Girl Person says she avoids making eye contact, because, well, she feels somewhat undressed.   I don’t really get that.  A towel on your head or around your shoulders especially, spells class to me.


And then, the shower show is over. But only till the next day. So if anyone would like to buy a ticket, don’t. I won’t. It was enough to hear about it, and I certainly don’t need to see it.  No one should.  Because when the fact that there is two inches of dirt in the corners and half the time the drain gets stopped up, maybe you need something to divert your attention from what is going on.


Life is full of things we get used to on a day to day basis.  We get so used to little luxuries, that it is hard to imagine life without them, isn’t it?  We may have had to rough it in some ways the past few years camping like when the persons have to go to the shower shows.  But in other ways, life seems like a dream when we can walk to the beach every day, or go hiking where we want, or move where we want.


The trick is not to get caught up in what is wrong with life, but what is right.  And just don’t drop your soap.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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