Do Your Business And I’ll Do Mine

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Monday means back to work. Back to business. You think the fun is over. Here we go again. Your business is my business, though. Because I care about you. And I take care of business.


Every week, we see the same cycle. Persons come in to camp for the weekend. Maybe they stay one night. Maybe two. And then they go back to their real lives. Some don’t seem too happy to do that.

I sit outside a lot so I see a lot of stuff. That’s part of my business.

And I watch the birds. They work every day to get food and fly. But they love their work. They sing about it.

I see the squirrels trying to get bird seed and jumping on the RV and climbing trees. That’s a lot of work. But they jump with joy every day to do it.

I see the raccoons in the trash and washing their food in the lake. It’s work. But they enjoy what they do.

In fact, everyone has to work. But not everyone is happy at their work. And if you have to take care of business, make it your business to find joy in some part of your work. And if you can’t do that? Make it your business to do your business some place else. I wish I could do my business anywhere I pleased.


We all think we are so smart. But if the animals around us have life figured out, how smart are we? Learn from the ones around you who are happy….even persons. Ask them why they are happy. Listen. And then listen to your own business plan to happiness. You already know what that is. We all can worry about the unknown or what will happen if we make hard choices.  Remember you can’t buy happiness.  You have to find that love within and for yourself.

Imagine that every day was like the weekend.

It can be.  So take care of that business and I will take care of mine.  Where’s my favorite tree?

Deputy Digby Pancake

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