The. Popcorn. The. Popcorn.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I am all about trying new things! In fact, I will try any food once. And more than likely, I will eat it many more times than once.

But Brickle is a bit more, well, discretionary. He says he has a distinguished palate. And he says that he has tried many, many cuisines in his life.

But I have been very confused since I was adopted into this family about his very strong dislike of popcorn. He refuses it. Night or day. He refuses the plain kind. He refuses the sweet kind. The cheese kind. All the popcorn.

But me, I will not turn down the popcorn. Especially when the weather is perfect at camp. I will happily share with Girl Person. And even though she knows Brickle will refuse it every time she offers him a piece of popcorn, she offers it anyway so that he doesn’t feel left out.

So imagine her shock and surprise when 13 years after Brickle got sick on popcorn as a puppy, when he ate it again this weekend. He ate it. And he loved it. And he wanted more.

You see, the day that Boy Person adopted Brickle from that shelter jail so many years ago, they were waiting on Girl Person to get home to surprise her. And they had a snack. Brickle wolfed down a lot of popcorn. And ever since, since he ate so much of it, he had not wanted it. Not ever again. So I talked to him about it when he told me this story. I told him that he was missing out. I told him that everyone’s tastes change. I told him he should try again.

He might be surprised. He might love it. I told him he would be missing out on the popcorn experience unnecessarily. And he agreed. He tried it. And I beamed with happiness. I had helped Brickle try something new again.

Is there something you are missing out on because you had a bad experience in the past? Maybe it’s love. Maybe you don’t want to get your heart broken again. But have you remembered what love is and how wonderful it can be?

Maybe it’s time for you to try again.

The popcorn. The popcorn. Kernels of corn to anyone else but our family. Now they are proof that even an older puppy like Brickle can try again. Can enjoy again.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “The. Popcorn. The. Popcorn.

  1. Robin Farnell

    I like popcorn too, but in small amounts guess I don’t digest it well. But alittle bit it is good…. glad you all can enjoy it together. 😉 have a great day Brickle and Fruitycake

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