Brickle’s School For Rescue Dogs

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s been a lot of talk about Fruitycake this week. That’s ok. We all wanted to know what ingredients and breeds he was made out of!

But one thing that you may not be aware of is that I have been quite busy with Fruitycake. You see, he is my second student in Brickle’s School For Rescue Dogs. Digby was the first. And he was an excellent student.

When Digby first came home and to my school from that shelter place, well, let’s just say he used the bathroom on everything in our house. That’s probably why we had to sell it and move into an RV. The truth comes out.

But over the years, Digby learned quite marvelously. He only used the restroom on holiday trees when he visited others. He only howled at old men with canes who threw them down. He only barked so loud at dinner that the next state heard him. And if you walked by our car at a traffic light and passed out because Digby howled at you, I know nothing about that. I’m only the teacher.

Yes. This Brickle School For Rescue Dogs is hard to get in. And Fruity? Well, he needed to come here and be enrolled. He’s afraid of most everything and everyone. His barking? You’ll be happy to know he has graduated from barking class with a C. He doesn’t bark at other dogs anymore or lunge at them out of fear. However, he still mumbles and grumbles. So I have to be fair on my grade.

We are all learning. And we are all in different classes. Some of us need to work on kindness and understanding. Some of us need to learn to relax. Some of us need to learn patience. Some of us need to learn how to take care of ourselves better. Whatever school you need to go to, do it. There’s no shame in being better. Even I can learn things from Fruity.

I never knew I would have to add a class about creeks and streams and mountains. Fruity was a stray in a city all of his life. The report and test we did on Fruity not only told us his breeds, but it told us he is one year and seven months old. So that’s a long time not to feel grass. That’s a long time to be fighting for your life. This is all new to him. And we have to be patient. We have to be.

Fruity teaches me that it’s ok to miss Digby but it’s also ok to laugh again. Fruity teaches me that we all have fears that others may not understand. Fruity teaches me to love with my whole heart.

Brickle’s School For Rescue Dogs is in session. I have a lot of work to do. Fruity has a lot of learning. But together, we will both be better for it.

Tune in next week when you will be able to guess what breeds make me up!

Peanut Butter Brickle

Kona has been at the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay for almost three months. His adoption fees will be matched because of generous donations to the Live Like Digby Fund made possible by 4-Legger.

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