The Slow Ride

This is Digby Pancake. Taking it slow and taking it easy are what persons tell you to do when you aren’t feeling so good. And I suppose I understand.

After all, if you aren’t feeling your best, taking it slow is what you do. I certainly am watching my steps more lately and also concentrating more on balance. And I’ve found something good about it. Because that’s what I do. I always find the good.

We miss a lot in our days when we are on the fast ride. We can’t concentrate on what we see as much. And you may feel like you have to keep up with others and the speed of traffic.

But really, the only speed we need to worry about it our own and what we find on our individual ride.

Yesterday was the first day that I have felt up to even looking out the truck window. I was content to enjoy the scenery. I was content to enjoy the ride. The slow ride.

And as we got out of the truck for just a few minutes at one of my favorite creeks, I noticed something. Brickle was taking it slower too. He was considering my speed. He wasn’t going faster than me. In fact, he was right by my side. And sometimes that is what we need. Someone to let us know we are good just the way we are.

Someone to let us know that life isn’t meant to be rushed.

If we could make the clock go slower, we all would. Because life is too fast. Days are too fast. And we don’t often realize it until it’s too late, or we are forced to.

Stop watching how fast other individuals go and worry about your ride. I’ll be right there with you.

Digby Pancake

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