Mint To Be

This is Digby Pancake. Some things go together. Like me and Peanut Butter Brickle.

But some things, you have to think about. Some things you may wonder if they fit together. Because others may tell you that they don’t fit. But are they right?

Girl Person wondered if something fit. You know we live in a small space. A house on wheels.

But Girl Person likes to cook. She really likes to cook.

Ever since we started traveling five years ago, she has missed gardening.

But she didn’t think she could anymore. She missed it so much.

She thought it was wasn’t meant to be. She thought she couldn’t do something she loved. She didn’t think she had enough room to have any plants. The circumstances weren’t like before.

But Boy Person said it was MINT to be. And he made it fit. He knew just what to do.

He took a bunch of stuff that others persons may have thought was trash.

He put all the stuff together and of course they had extra wine bottles.

And he made Girl Person a beautiful present for our house on wheels.

An herb garden. That fit perfectly.

Sometimes we can’t change our circumstances and we may miss things we used to love to do from the past. But when we take that same love and repurpose it in a different way, it can still fit.

Maybe we liked to dance but we can’t get around so easy anymore. Maybe we liked to write letters to people but our hands shake a lot. Maybe we used to like to travel. But we can’t. What can we do? We can use the love of those things we liked to do and fill the void differently. Maybe we can listen to music when we can’t dance. Maybe we can call someone when we can’t write. We can learn about places around the earth when we can’t travel. We might just find out we don’t have one true calling. We may find out we can do more than what we even thought.

The important thing is to listen to your heart. Give yourself permission to do something you love. And make it fit!

Because the little things about you are the biggest things about you.

You’ll know it was mint to be.

-Digby Pancake

Stay tuned next week for a video to see how we made this RV Herb Garden on our YouTube and Facebook channels. And watch our Facebook page today to learn more about the herbs we planted.

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