A Different Kind Of Flower

This is Digby Pancake. Have you ever thought of all the different kinds of flowers there are in our world?

There are roses.

There are orchids.

There are broccoli flowers. Yep. That’s a flower too.

But can you imagine…as pretty as flowers are…if there was only one kind? Imagine only seeing a field of tulips in Holland.

Then imagine you went to Idaho. There was only tulips there too. Then imagine you went to Italy. Only. Tulips.

As beautiful as a tulip is, would it lose its magic? Would you long for a rose or even a desert rose? I think so.

Maybe you feel the most beautiful when you fit in. Maybe you don’t want to be different. But are you robbing the world of your uniqueness? We want to see it.

You see, a different kind of flower is needed for all of us. We need and we want to see special things and the special things you can do.

We all need inspiration.

And often, that inspiration comes from others. I mean you.

So be the flower you are. Bloom. Grow. Don’t try to fit in.

Try to stand out in the field of flowers.

Digby Pancake

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One thought on “A Different Kind Of Flower

  1. Marinell deGraffenreid

    Ok, but if only tulips existed how would you even know what you are missing? How would you know about a rose? Should differences be celebrated? Of course. That’s the spice of life. But what you have in front of you is also worth celebrating for its beauty, because each of those flowers is different from any other. It may look like they are all the same. But if you look closer you will notice the uniqueness of each bloom.

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