Workin For A Livin

This is Brickle. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes you wanna do what you gotta do. And wow. That’s a good feeling.

We had to go to work for a few days last week with the persons.

It was different from hiking and camping like we are normally used to. So it took us a little bit to get adjusted.

If you’re Digby, some of us longer than others.

But one thing was for sure. We were working. We were all working hard.

I bet you work hard too.

But do you like what you are working for? You are working for something.

Whether it is that paper money stuff. Or feeding our family. Or the future. Or peanut butter cookies.

It’s true. Some of us don’t have a choice on whether we work or not. We have to eat. We have to survive. And while it’s so important to do a good job at our job, there’s something else we have to do. We have to do a good job for us. We have to be fulfilled. We have to know what we are working for.

What we are working for should be motivation for us.

Even if we can’t pick our job, we can still work at goals. We can still work at being positive. We can still work on making a difference. Working has to be worth it in our hearts.

No one has ever said life is easy. Especially not lately.

But don’t forget who you are, even if your job that makes you money isn’t perfect.

You can still find ways to work on you. We can all work on ourselves

We can all find happy moments in our work.

We can still find ways to be whole. To remember that what you or who you are working for is worth all that work.

I can guarantee that if you are working to help your family…they appreciate it. Even if they don’t say it often.

You have value no matter what your job is. Why? Because you care. Because you try your best.

Most of us go thru hard times. Some of us may lose our jobs. And if that’s the case, remember that value deep inside.

Remember things will get better. Remember all you’ve accomplished. Remember who you are. Never stop working on yourself for a livin.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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