What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

This is Digby Pancake. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up?

Girl Person likes to open the window shades. That way, the light can help us to get going. Our eyes need to stretch.

Boy Person likes to make that mud in a cup and bring it to Girl Person. The smell of that is not my favorite, so she has to drink it far from me. But for her, it is enjoyable. For her, it helps her eyes stretch a little more.

But what light through yonder window breaks? What makes your eyes stretch and your heart sing every day?

Our hearts don’t all sing the same tune. Our light is different. What you see in a good light may be different for someone else.

I don’t think there’s only one love of your life like persons do. I think there is so much to love that it is endless.

I think that there is more right in the world than wrong. I believe that there is more good than bad. I choose to see it that way. I choose to see the beauty and art that is life.

Don’t keep the shades pulled down all day. Open up your window and see the possibility of a new day every day and embrace your possibilities.

And tell who you love what a light in your life they are. Be a beautiful light for someone else. And shine as bright as you want to! Love who you love. Be happy with what you love. But learn. Keep learning.

Shine like you were meant to! Others can put on sunglasses if they can’t handle it.

Digby Pancake

We have some special plans next week. We will be driving to Kentucky to be on Camping World’s Ultimate RV Show! Stay tuned to a special week all next week with special blogs!

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