Don’t Waste It

This is Digby Pancake. There are a lot of things that go to waste.

Some don’t appreciate food. Some don’t appreciate love. Some don’t appreciate the love for food. Just saying.

When we have to go without something, it’s hard. We’ve been without sunshiney for a bit. And for us, that’s a big deal.

So yesterday when the sun came out for a few hours, we were so happy. So happy indeed.

Girl Person said there was no time to spare. We couldn’t waste a minute of the sunshiney time. Not. One. Minute.

But I wondered. When we have to do without, do we let that serve as a lesson for us? Do we truly appreciate what we have? Or, if when life goes back to normal, do we start wasting again? Are our memories short?

If we’ve had to do without something and then our circumstances change, we may at first be grateful. But then we start to take things for granted again. I guess it’s easy to do that. We’ve all been told before that others have it harder than we do.  But sometimes it is hard to picture that when we ourselves are having a rough time.

Good health, good people, enough food in our lives…we may take that for granted. Don’t. When the sun shines, take it in.

Don’t wait for when you have to do without to wish for it again. Be grateful. Appreciate. Persons may know the price for everything. But they sure don’t know the value.

When we make a conscious effort to use what we are fortunate to have, it is respectful not only to us, but to others.

If we don’t want to do without life’s precious gifts, we will take care of the gifts we have. We won’t wait. Don’t waste it. Time makes up life. Use every minute.

Don’t envy others for what they have. Use what you’ve got.

Also, don’t forget to give…not out of our surplus, but out of our hearts.  

It is then that we will appreciate the true value of all and who that is worth having.

Digby Pancake

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Organic rye flour, organic oat flour, organic crunchy peanut butter, rolled oats, unsulphured macaroon coconut, whole brown flax seed, canola oil and water.

Guarantee Analysis
Crude Protein (min) 10%
Crude Fiber (max) 3 %
Crude Fat (min) 14 %
Moisture (max) 7%

Calorie Content
Metabolize Energy
3987 Kcal/kg
Metabolize Energy
22 Kcal/treats

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