A Whale Of A Good Time

This is Digby Pancake. Do you collect things? You know. Like forks. I don’t. I don’t use a fork. I don’t have time for that.

But maybe you collect souvenirs. Like postcards.

Or maybe shells? Or driftwood?

Well, you guessed it. Our family does. We love souvenirs! Even in our house on wheels, we like to remember our time at places with little things. We sure don’t have room for big things.


Except for my appetite.

You might say it’s as big as a whale.

What we like about souvenirs is that we can turn the little things into other things that make for big memories. As big as a whale, in fact.

We’ve been to some pretty special places. I suppose you could say all places are special in their own way.

Some places we remember more than others.

But it seems like all of the memories make for one big story. One big book. One big whale? Yes.

Boy Person likes to make things.

Girl Person likes to collect things. And when she asked for a nightlight for our new RV from that Camping World place, Boy Person had an idea. A big idea. He would make her a nightlight for our new bathroom. But all he had was driftwood. What would he do? Would it be good enough? Would she like it? Would a fancier, new light just be better than a whale made out of souvenirs?

So he thought and he thought. And he just knew it! When you have the chance to make something or use something out of things you already have, it’s more fun. A whale of a good time!

Making things also saves money. And you get a one of a kind treasure from your treasure of memories! It doesn’t matter if others like it. It matters if you like it.


That way, when you look at what you made, you can call to mind where you found the parts that make it up. You can turn your imagination into something you can hold. And in our case, you get a new friend that lights up and that can tell a whale of a tale! How cool is that?

It feels good to imagine and make whatever you think of. It feels good to use our imagination to inspire others. To see what they can make too! What have you made? What do you want to make? Be a light and an example to others to be their best and creative selves.


I think the whale is perfect for our little house. No matter if you have a big house or a small house, you want it to feel like home. Home is where we are the most relaxed and home is somewhere we can always go back to. I used to think a house had to stay still to really feel like a home. But what I now know is that home is where we are all together and where we can talk about our lives, all the places we have been and all the places we will go. Looking at the whale light helps us to be inspired.

Some live a life that is hectic and hard.

So when you get a chance to imagine and create something for your home that makes it feel like yours and yours alone, you can escape from that hectic and hard world.

We may not have a million dollars. But we have a million memories. And even though our house moves, we can fill it with things that matter to us and make our hearts feel good. What do you have that you can make something out of today?

What can you learn when you are making something?  What can you learn about yourself and truly how talented you are?

Let creating something from your heart save your spirit. Let it save you.

I like to imagine our whale and what his personality is like…and now you can watch too! Learn how he was made…learn about his friend the crab and come into our house on wheels and Boy Person’s imagination!

What is our whale’s tale? Well, tune in to our Facebook page at 8 pm ET tonight (Monday) to watch and see our new RV bathroom too! We hope you’ll love the story! And maybe it will help you think of what you would like to make!

Digby Pancake

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