The Big Blue Wine Wagon

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I steer this ship called the Big Blue Treat Wagon. What I say usually goes.

But when you have nowhere to go like us this past weekend, I get lost too. And when the persons get lost, they get lost. When they are confused…well. You get the point.

Campsites are hard to come by nowadays. So are those things called reservations. But when you house is on wheels, you can take it anywhere. As long as it cooperates. And so we asked the Big Blue Treat Wagon if it would steer us where it wanted to go. And well. It turned into the Big Blue Wine Wagon for the weekend.

There are few places we like better than a vineyard.

Room to roam, beautiful scenery, friendly people and wine for the persons.

So if we had to park somewhere, well, we couldn’t think of a better place. So we asked two different wineries if we could park the Big Blue Wine Wagon for a night at each of them.

They had room with no electricity or water. But that was ok. The persons said water was overrated when you can park at a winery.

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Sometimes, it’s hard being a guest. You have to follow the rules and be polite. Digby hates that.

But when you are a guest with a giant house on wheels parked in their yard, there are no bones about it. You better be respectful. You better be nice.

You better clean up. And you better not leave without buying some wine. The persons said no problem there!

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To tell you the truth, because I always do, we were nervous about the weekend. We felt like maybe we aren’t as go with the flow as we think.

But when you push yourself out of a comfortable place, you find out what you’re made of and really how much you can do. And you can do more than you think.

The Big Blue Wine Wagon pulled thru for us and pulled our wine too.

Now we head to another state park today for four nights. Yeah. We couldn’t find anything for next weekend either. Big Blue Wine Wagon? It’s time to stock up.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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