Where Is This Hen Of The Woods?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. The persons do many, many strange things. But this one takes the cake. Or chicken.

We were having a leisurely hike. And Girl Person got all excited. She said we had to tell Boy Person what we found! And I saw…nothing. I saw nothing but a clump of stuff on the ground.

But Girl Person kept looking at it. She kept studying it. She kept smelling it like dogs smell the ground. I knew, I just knew that she had lost it this time.

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But as excited as she was, me and Digby couldn’t help but get excited too! Whatever it was, we would be happy about it!

So Girl Person got Boy Person. They went back to see whatever this was in the woods they were so happy about. And Boy Person said yep. Yep. That was it! That was a hen of the woods! A hen of the woods? Ok. Now I was getting worried.

It’s bad enough when one person in your pack goes cuckoo. It’s another thing when all the persons go cuckoo. Over a chicken in the woods. There was no hen! There was no rooster. There was no chicken! They had lost it. In the woods.

But then I saw what they were indeed looking at. A mushroom of sorts. Couldn’t they tell the difference between a mushroom and a chicken? Apparently not.

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Girl Person saw our looks. And she explained that some mushrooms have names. Names apparently given to them by persons. Because if a dog named that thing, we would call it a clumpy clump clump. Not a chicken that clucks.

Yes. We like to put labels and names on things don’t we? But just remember that it’s more important who an individual is than what their name is. It’s more important who an individual is than their appearance.

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Life in an RV is sure an experience. One day you are saying goodbye to a horse.

The next day, you’re seeing hens in the woods.

But I wouldn’t trade it. I would however like to just buy the persons some mushrooms so that they stop seeing things. Or maybe that’s the problem…just clucking! I mean, joking.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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