Jump In A Lake

This is Digby Pancake. You may think that you know someone. That you really know someone. Maybe you’ve known them for a long time. Maybe you are family.

But sometimes, individuals will surprise us. When we least expect it.

We had a wonderful time at the lake campground this weekend.

It was sunny and beautiful and it was fun watching and barking at all the boats. There are so many different kinds of boats to bark at.

I love barking at them all.

Girl Person was having fun taking pictures of us on the lake.

And as you know, we have many, many years of picture taking experience. So much so, that you may notice the last year or so, we have become so good at it that all she has to do is tell us “picture” and we freeze and smile.

We are even better at it, so to make the picture look even more fabulous, she will take off our leashes for a moment and we still don’t move. Unless you are me. On a Saturday. On a boat dock.

And you decide you want to jump. In a lake. That was me.

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All of a sudden, something came over me. A feeling that I could do anything. A feeling that I wanted to live life. A feeling that at that particular moment, I didn’t want to stand still for a picture when Girl Person took my leash off.

Instead, I jumped in the lake instead.

Now, this wasn’t something that I thought thru. I didn’t know the water was over my head. I didn’t know that I wanted to keep swimming. And so I just did. Even though Girl Person was telling me to come back. Instead, she told Brickle to stay and jumped in after me. I got back on the dock. And we were all pretty wet. Except Brickle.

Girl Person asked me what got into me. And well…it was always there. Just lately, I want to live! I want to experience it all. I want to be me. Not what others expect of me. But me. And if no one likes it? They can jump in the lake too.

Don’t expect others to always be the same. We all change. We get older, wiser. And in Brickle’s case, handsomer. When we are ourselves, it helps others to know that they can be themselves too.

Will I jump in a lake again? Maybe. Maybe not. But I have a feeling I am becoming more adventurous. More of myself. It takes times to grow into who we truly are. Don’t waste that time when you get to the lake. Jump in! The water is fine!

We are back on the road today…we have a very steep mountain to climb. Can the RV do it? Stay tuned.

Digby Pancake

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