Can You Be Friends With A Butterfly?

This is Digby Pancake. A true friend is special. A true friend is someone you can count on. A true friend is rare. But I found that in a butterfly.


I know what you’re thinking. You’re asking, “can you be friends with a butterfly?” How is that possible? You can’t talk out loud to a butterfly. Or can you?

You can’t go places with a butterfly. Or can you?

You can’t have sleepovers with a butterfly. Or can you?


And you definitely can’t count on a butterfly as a friend. Or can you?

I may have wondered these same questions. Yes. Yes. I wonder such things. But sometimes, the answer to the questions you ponder and can find no answers for, answer themselves.

As we were laying in our campground yard, Girl Person was watching a butterfly. The butterfly would fly and then land on her finger.

The butterfly would fly and then land on her shoulder. Then it landed on her finger again.

Girl Person talked to the butterfly. So that answered that question of if you can talk to a butterfly.

Then Girl Person carried the butterfly with her around the campsite on her shoulder. The butterfly seemed quite content to go places. Yep. That answered that.

Then, as Brickle was napping, the butterfly napped with him on his fur. I guess you can have sleepovers. That answered that.

So the last question I had was if you could count on a butterfly. I wondered what we would be counting on a butterfly for. We couldn’t count on a butterfly for advice or help. But we could count on a butterfly to be a butterfly.

And really, isn’t that the only thing we should count on anyone for? To be themselves. If we are always out to be friends with someone that can help us, or do something for us, we miss the point. We have to count on no one but ourselves and let others be the special friends they are.

The butterfly added to our day just by being there. And that’s all we needed. Ok. I needed another pancake, but I’m eating healthy this week anyways.


So let others be your friends by the beauty they can add to your day just by being themselves.

Imagine how many friends we can truly have.

Digby Pancake

Tomorrow, we are back on the road! Stay tuned!

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