The Three Little Toads Down The Road

This is Digby Pancake. Has anyone ever told you a story? Maybe someone told you a story when you were a little person and it was time for bed.

Maybe someone told you a story out of a book.

Maybe someone told you a STORY. What Granny Person called a lie in a nice way.

Yes. Yes. Stories are usually fun. They are usually a way to learn and to imagine. And sometimes, a story reveals itself in your day. But maybe you haven’t taken time to read it. Maybe you are too concerned with chores and bad news and typing stuff on your computer or looking at your phone.  Maybe you need to stop and notice. Like we noticed the little toads down the road yesterday at camp. There they were. Just hanging out and being toads in the sun.

Girl Person was busy doing laundry, but as she walked by them, she did take notice. She told them how cute they were! Two little toads. One big and one small. In fact, she thought they were so cute that she couldn’t wait to tell me and Brickle and Boy Person. But I was inside taking a nap. So she laid down on the floor with me and she showed me some pictures of the two little toads as Boy Person asked her, “are you showing him pictures of toads?”. To which she promptly replied, “of course, I am. He wanted to see them.” Brickle had no questions. He is used to this.


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Now, the only toads in a hole I have ever heard of haven’t looked like these toads.

But I enjoyed hearing about them and seeing them. Girl Person said because they were just being by their toad hole, they were having a good day just being themselves. She said they seemed quite happy.  But it was time to go get her laundry, so she went back. She made sure to say hello again, but this time? There were THREE little toads down the road by their hole!

She hurried back to tell me and Brickle and Boy Person about them again. She told Boy Person she wanted to take him to introduce him to the three little toads. But Boy Person said that if he met them, he would just be worried, worried, worried about them because we are leaving this campground. He didn’t want to make new friends and then have to leave them.

But I wanted to meet them. I sure did. So we walked over to see the three little toads down the road. At this point, the three little toads were used to be talked to. But I haven’t felt much like talking this week. So I just gave them my smile. I am pretty good at that. And they seemed to like it.

I liked the toads already. I liked them a lot. There was one big toad, one medium toad and one little toad. One toad would hop. Then another one would hop. Then the other one would hop. But they didn’t go very far unless they went in their hole. They didn’t need to. They were happy right there.

I thought about it. Why where they happy being right there, just waiting on dinner to come to them? Seemed pretty good.

I thought about it some more. Did the toads have life all figured out? Maybe they weren’t looking for the meaning of life. But maybe they didn’t need to. Maybe the meaning of life is to live it. Whether you are a toad, or a person, or a dog.

Someone once told me that it’s hard to change your life. It’s hard to change your attitude. Someone once told me that no one can truly change who they are.

But I think you CAN change if you want to. Don’t think life is so complicated that you can’t stop to notice three little toads down the road. Don’t think that you are too busy, too depressed or too old to start noticing the big things, the medium things and the little things in life. I want to imagine that the toads took time to notice us too.

We all want to be noticed. The leaves on the trees, the ladybugs, the butterflies, the frogs and the toads want to be noticed too.  Don’t ignore the stories waiting to be told. Live life, enjoy it and take notice of all the things around you. Introduce yourself to life. Make friends with a toad…or three.

-Digby Pancake

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