The Advice

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s a tough job to watch over everyone and to worry about everyone. I don’t say it often, but sometimes, being the responsible one comes with a lot of work.

Girl Person says that she understands. She says being the oldest kid in her family was pressure. Not because anyone expected more out of her. But she expected more of herself. Oh, I understand.

When Digby doesn’t feel good, I want to make him better. I want us to feel like puppies again. But I know that even though I am close to perfect, I can’t make that happen.

And it’s hard not to be able to do that. If someone told me I had to go to  the moon to make him feel better, I would.

I would give up peanut butter if I had to.

I would do anything. But anything won’t make him better. So I asked Girl Person what can we do to help him, while being able to stay positive ourselves. She said Boy Person said we need to get excited about life again. I agreed.

Girl Person also said Gandma gave her some advice. She gets that from Gandma sometimes.

When we can’t change things for someone we love, sometimes the most we can do is be there.

It’s a simple thing to say but it’s enough. It’s all we would want for ourselves. I agreed with that too.

So as we all love our Digby Pancake, let’s remember what he loves. A good adventure. A good creek. A good breeze. A happy smile. A pancake or a million. Dinner on time.

When we are there for someone. concentrating on what they love about life helps them to remember why it’s important to stick around.

And we all want to be together for years to come.

Let’s be there for someone today. Let’s not try to solve their problems. But lets love life despite our problems.

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-Peanut Butter Brickle

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3 thoughts on “The Advice

  1. Barbara Reitzloff

    Oh, Sheriff, I have two sick older doggies right now and it’s very very hard. Thank you for the good advice. I’ll be there with them today, and for all the days we still have together.

  2. Linda Horn

    Que sera sera. Being there has to be enough. Calming the inner spirit lends to calming our dear one. Ommmm. Music and nature. Wishing you peace. Xx

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