The Best Surprises Can Wait

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. A day isn’t just a day. It can be a bad day or a good day. It can be an exciting day or an ordinary day.

But in our book, and it’s a long book indeed, we appreciate each day. As long as we are all together.


And while that may be truer than true, there are special days to look forward to. Days that seem special because they are special. Days you can plan and think about before you even get there. And that’s more than half the fun. Travel helps you to look foreword to each day. Because each day will be a surprise in its own way. And we get a surprise this Thursday.


Girl Person says that ever since we started camping, there has always been somewhere she wanted to take Digby and me. But our journey never seemed to work out quite right to get there. But it did now. And Girl Person says it’s perfect timing. That me and Digby are going to love it. But it’s a surprise. I can already picture us there. Even though I don’t know what there is.

Boy Person always tells Girl Person not to be too excited because you can always be disappointed. But we tend to think that even if things don’t go perfectly, there sure was no harm in being happy ahead of time.

Have you ever wanted to be surprised? Maybe you wanted your own party.

Or maybe you wanted a certain present.

Maybe that party or present wasn’t something you would have done for yourself, so you waited for someone else to do it. But that surprise never came.

Well, you still have time like us to change your route. Do that something you’ve always secretly wanted but never asked for. Why? Only you know how to plan it perfectly. Only you know exactly what you want. And you….you deserve it.

So as we wait for our surprise destination Thursday, maybe you can tell us what you’ve been waiting for so long. And make it happen!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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