Listen To The Money Talk

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It was an interesting weekend. Yes. Yes, it was. We made it to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Yes. Yes, we did! The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV pulled out all the stops again and got safely to our next destination.

We made it even with a bad tire.

And hopefully today, we will make it to the tire place and get this taken care of. Positive vibes are being put out there! I’ve got plenty of that.

What I don’t have plenty of? Well, obviously I never have enough pancakes. That goes without saying, but I’ll say it. And what else that most of us never have plenty of? At least the persons. Money.

I heard that money talks. I’ve never heard it talk. But Girl Person says that that is precisely the problem. Quiet money means there’s not much of it. And that’s when you hear everything else talking. In our case, bad tires, a faulty RV battery and leaks. Yep. We hear the money being quiet loud and clear.

As we were inching our way to Gatlinburg this weekend, we were hearing many things. The sounds of our heart beats as we anxiously drove slow and separately. The sound of radio stations trying to come in. And then we heard another sound. Actually, we didn’t hear it. But we imagined it so hard it was super loud. It was Boy Person’s voice. And he was far ahead of us in the RV. At least we thought he was. It was hard to see him.

Yep. Here we were, somewhere in Tennessee, driving thru something called a blast zone. Driving thru smoke. Ash. Dust. Dirt. And driving thru a cloud of broken dreams. At least that’s what we imagined Boy Person saying. So we turned up the radio louder. And we laughed until we couldn’t breathe. Well. We are not sure what the not breathing was actually due to.

The road was tore up. We were already going slow. And it seemed like we would never get out of this mess. We held our breath in order to survive the ashes of Boy Person’s anxiety raining down upon us. We could feel it. He was not happy up there. And we were glad we were back here. Laughing.

Girl Person said if we would have had more money, maybe we wouldn’t have been in this situation. Maybe, just maybe I knew she was right. But I’m not sure I would have traded the laughing part. Or us pulling together.

Everyone goes thru life thinking that they need something else. It’s ok to aspire to greater things. But some of us don’t have the money to do all that we want to. What do we do then? We make due. We find what’s good about what we have. And sometimes, yes, it’s about surviving. For some reason, persons think talking about money is a secret. But we all have to know most everyone struggles. Don’t make someone else feel bad about what they don’t have, or even what they DO have. Right now, we do have sunshiney. And a creek. And that’s all we need.

Well. New tires also sound good too. And so we will be thankful we can get them today if it all works out. We may not hear money talking. But we hear a creek. And that is music to my ears.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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