Why Water Should Be Part Of Your Pet Emergency Kit

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As we travel to our next destination in our RV today with Brickle and Digby, we are a bit nervous!


We’ve had tire trouble this week and changing weather conditions. Since we have been in very rural areas, our plans to get everything fixed before hitting the road didn’t quite work out.

And today is well…nerve wracking. We are not sure what situations we may encounter.


Not everyone travels full time with their dogs like we do. But everyone, including us, should be prepared for emergencies with our pets.

No matter if we live in hurricane prone areas, areas that experience earthquakes or other natural disasters, we all have to be prepared. However, medical emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and more are also reasons to have a pet emergency kit ready. And water has become one of the most important items in our emergency preparations.



For us, not every campground has water available at camp sites. Even if we are fortunate enough to have water hookups, how can we trust that the water is safe and won’t make Brickle or Digby sick?


You may not go camping. You may not travel. But how much do you trust that the water that you are provided with is safe for your pets or you?


According to Primo Water, “Corrosion of household plumbing systems and natural deposit erosion can result in lead-laden drinking water. Children exposed to lead may have developmental delays and attention or learning deficits. For adults? Kidney problems and high blood pressure are at risk.”

“Arsenic is a product of natural deposit erosion. It’s also found in runoff from orchards, glass and electronics production waste. And it just might be in your water. What does it do to your health? Over time, continued exposure can lead to skin damage or problems with circulatory systems and may also lead to an increased risk of cancer.”

Our home should be a place where we feel safe, loved and healthy.

We need this as much as our pets do. But what happens when we have an emergency and our basic necessities are taken away? Do we have an emergency plan? Do we have emergency supplies? If not, now is the time to get real. If our pets truly mean everything to us, we should have everything ready for their safety and comfort in case of an emergency.

As we make our way to our next destination today, we know we may not make it. We may break down. What is in our pet emergency kit today?

1. A bag packed with extra collars, leashes and harnesses in case we have to exit our vehicle quickly.

2. Collapsible water dishes and bowls.

3. Food supply for one week. Since we make Brickle and Digby’s food, this is a little hard for us. So for emergency sake, we pack unsalted canned fish, green beans, spinach and of course treats and chews.

4. Shampoo, wipes, paper towels and medications.

5. Vet records.

6. Pet first-aid Kit.

7. WATER! And this is the most important part of our kit. With Digby’s health issues, water is not only a necessity, but it means his life. Another bacterial infection will be dangerous. And we have to protect him. He counts on us.

Even in an RV, we have room for a five gallon jug of Primo Water.

But as an extra emergency precaution, we have another five gallon jug and a three gallon jug as well. Plus, with locations everywhere, it’s easy to find a refill station or an exchange station.

If you live in a house without wheels, after we invite ourselves over, consider the Primo Pet Station. Seriously. This is so cool.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a pet parent is that my dogs can’t talk and tell me what they need. So it’s my job to figure that out. In an emergency, I don’t want them to be scared, hungry or thirsty! So I am doing what I can now to make sure their needs are taken care of. Yes, we’ve all put ourselves second when it comes to taking care of the ones we love. But with Primo Water, we don’t have to do that.

We can all drink the same healthy, safe and great tasting water. And feel good about it. Whatever our day brings!


Today, we are prepared. And it’s hard to think ahead when you’re on the road. It’s also hard to think ahead for many with stressful jobs, busy lives and obligations. But who makes our lives better? Our pets. Let’s make sure they are with us…whenever we are…safe, healthy and happy.


So consider your emergency water supply today. Know that your pets may be exerting more energy in a crisis and be more thirsty. Don’t think that any water will do. Primo Water ensures your pet’s ability to stay hydrated in an emergency. So find an exchange or refill station near you today and stock up!

Rachael Johnson

Co-Founder 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

Primo makes it easy for us to find safe water for our family no matter where we are! Find a refill station or prefilled bottles near you by entering your location at www.primowater.com

Although this post is sponsored and we received compensation, all opinions are our own.

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