The Dead End

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s not often that I arrest a state. And Pennsylvania place? It doesn’t mean I’m not fond of you. But. It has to be done.

What kind of welcome back are you accustomed to, Pennsylvania place?

Sure. I know that you didn’t mean to give us wrong directions. And you can blame it on GPS, whoever that is. That’s fine. But charging us $16 to cross a bridge and then ending up on a service road with a big gate that wouldn’t open seemed, well, like not a good deal.

In the almost 3 and a half years since we have been traveling, we have ended up on a dead end road just a handful of times. But none quite like this. And trying to turn around your Big Blue Treat Wagon RV? Not such an easy task. Especially when Girl Person is freaking out that we will just have to set up camp there. And I saw no picnic table.

Let me give you the lowdown on what happened in a peanut shell.
Girl Person was in our highly not acclaimed restroom facilities because we had driven hours without finding a rest area.

I was bent to be tied with spaghetti. Digby was already concentrated on when he should start asking for dinner. And all of a sudden, our restroom door flew open, Girl Person asked where we were and we saw it. A dead end.It was the end of the road.

Boy Person had about had it. Whatever “it” is. It was had. He surveyed the situation. We were off an interstate. At a large metal gate with no button. No way to pass. No. Entrance. For. You. And our $16 toll ticket was no good here.

Girl Person exclaimed this was a good spot to take us to the bathroom. And as Digby rolled in grass, he wondered what was the big deal. Let’s just camp here. But Boy Person said that was not possible. Neither was us turning around. So he unhooked the car, and the dance began.

He said he would try to turn it around but we had to wait. Girl Person cried. I was still bent with spaghetti and Digby was still hungry. Boy Person said that in life, sometimes you have no choice but to get out of a situation no matter what you have to do. Girl Person pulled herself together and inch by inch by inch, Boy Person got us going in the right direction. And that is it in a peanut shell.

Once we got going in the right direction, we still had a ways to drive and I knew I had to make my disdain known. And I decided. Right then. Pennsylvania place? You. Are. Arrested. But I had no idea my report still wasn’t finished. So as we got to camp, and the persons told us what good boys we were, we got our late dinner, and it wasn’t spaghetti because I had already bent that.

Boy Person got to setting up camp and well…Girl Person had reserved us a campsite that made our unacclaimed bathroom facilities more unacclaimed. We. Had. No. Water. Nope. So they found other liquid beverages.

And due to the fact Boy Person had not filled our tanks, well, that meant the campground facilities were now required. And washing dishes, just load those up in a bag and go wash them in a giant sink. With our hopes and dreams.

But as we woke up, we knew it was a new day. Sure. There were gunshots in the distance scaring Digby. A forecast of rain for today. And only a few streets dogs are allowed to walk thru at this camp.

And yet, we were home. Our house on wheels was safe. We were safe. And we aren’t leaving till Friday. That dead end road? Well. It taught us something.

In life, we can keep riding and traveling on roads that may be easy to drive on. Monotony is comforting. But if we are unhappy, is that a good way to ride? Sometimes it takes a dead end road to force us into change. That change may seem impossible. And it doesn’t mean things will change overnight. But don’t camp on the side of the interstate in unhappiness.

We are trying to find an area with no rain starting Friday as we make our way south. If you’d like to offer your suggestions, I’m all ears!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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    1. Paula

      Digby and Brickle, I love your adventures! But mostly I’m so happy you have such awesome hoomans that love and take such good care of you!

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