Stop. Collaborate And Listen.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. If someone asks you what you did yesterday and what you got accomplished, how would you answer? What then? I have a reason for my questions. As you know, I always have a reason.

We’ve been having a wonderful time in this Virginia place.

Especially Deputy Digby Pancake. You can’t go wrong with hiking, sunshiney and mountains. But even the best days at the best places can be not so perfect.

We started out our day with finding out our car had to go back to where it was fixed to get fixed again. But we were still able to drive to finish the Skyline Drive At Shenandoah National Park with Girl Person and her new outbreak of poison ivy. So it wasn’t so bad.

We had to stop and get gas, and Boy Person was so confused by the gas pumps that he left the gas cap there. Oh. But we didn’t find that out till later when all the other stuff had gone wrong.

First off, we stopped to get ice cream in the park and they only had blackberry. Well, Digby certainly didn’t mind. But I certainly wanted no part of that. I wouldn’t even have wanted a blackberry cookie or blackberry pie. No. No. No.

Then, we got back in the car and went to find an easy hike. Problem was, it was near 90 degrees, and the trail was too steep for a hike this day.

We were fooled because the day before, it was cool and breezy. But the momma bear and her cubs didn’t care about all our problems! Nope. They did care to scare us away from that trail!

Seems as if we should have just stayed home, I thought. What had happened to the perfect day from before?

The confusing thing was to me that we worked so hard on this day to have a good day. But the day before, it just happened. And Deputy Digby said the best days are often not planned at all. You don’t have to work to have a good day. Make a good day in your heart, no matter what happens.

Digby says that not smiling changes nothing. Sometimes when you are most upset, you have to stop. Collaborate. And listen.

As usual, Digby knows happy.

Even though we weren’t strong enough to finish the hike on this particular day, the day before we did! And we did it wonderfully.

The persons said it didn’t matter we didn’t finish on this day. We had still worked hard and that counted. Success isn’t measured by finish lines, awards, lists and diplomas.

Success is when we make others feel good. Success is when we do something selflessly for another. Success is when we recognize that we aren’t perfect. And neither is anyone else. And tomorrow is another day. The not so perfect days cause us to stop and reevaluate.

Be flexible. Be loving. Be understanding. Work at it if you have to. And then you will have accomplished something with a hard day’s work. Even if nothing goes as planned.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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