Way Down Yonder In The Pawpaw Patch

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. As you know, I’ve been looking for pancake trees all my days. I even resorted to settling for pancake seeds to grow my own trees. But in retrospect, I’m not sure that growing trees in the RV would be possible.

Girl Person likes to find trees and fruit when we travel. She likes to do something called foraging. Uh, dogs have been foraging for years. I can find the rottenest, yummy thing to roll in or eat no matter where we are. But when Girl Person finds a new food to try, she gets more excited than I do. And this week, she found something called a pawpaw.

Well, slap my paws and call me Pancake. I’ve heard of these things before when we in this Virginia place before.

But this was the first time we found some!

When Girl Person is happy, we are happy. And she was very happy to get on her bike and try to find pawpaws this week.

She learned that it was harder to find them then she thought. But when she finally found one tree, she would find another. Some fruit would be harder to reach than others. And my legs aren’t long enough to reach them. Now…if there were pancakes up there, I might just find a way.

Girl Person says not to worry because she has found enough for pawpaw pancakes and left enough for the wild animals to eat too. We should never be so greedy to take everything…even if we can.

Imagine you gave just one bag of groceries you bought to a family in need every week. Or imagine you could take just one week’s worth of food for dogs to a shelter every month? Wouldn’t it be better to share our joy with others? Don’t just imagine you would do it. Do that.

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch is where you will find us till we leave this Virginia place!

Oh, to find and experience new foods and smells and places is such a wonderful thing. If you’ve been thinking of trying a new fruit or vegetable, or visiting a new place, maybe this weekend is the time to do it! Find your delicious pawpaw patch. And climb if you have to!

Deputy Digby Pancake Pawpaw

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