Who Is Cliff?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There are many things that I have to remember when I do my job every day. Stay focused. Stay motivated. Make the world a better place. And be aware of danger.

Yes. Danger. There are perils everywhere you turn. There are things to harm us.

There are things that can hurt us.

There’s even a guy named Cliff here in Saint Marys, Georgia that we have to stay back from.

All I know is that he must be pretty dangerous. Because we have to stay back. I’ve never known anyone named Cliff. I wonder what he’s about. And why he’s so dangerous. What is this Cliff about?

Many say that I’m dangerous because of my good looks. Is this guy as handsome?

Many say that I’m dangerous because of my smarts. Is this Cliff guy a genius?

I wonder. I wonder how this Cliff got his reputation. If he warrants the need for a giant sign, he must mean business. And I also wondered. Do some of us need a sign? How do we come across to others? Even when we only meet someone for a few minutes, we can make a positive impact or a negative one. We can’t do both. We can be music to someone’s day. Or silence. Be music.

Just because I have a job to do as Sheriff doesn’t mean I can’t be nice. Just because you have your things to do, that doesn’t mean you can be nice. When we travel, we come across many folks. Some are happy. Some are sad. And even though we are camping, and out in nature, there are some that still don’t let go of their dangerous attitude. Eventually, your name and your sign will be known far and wide. And everyone will stay back. And you may regret that.

So Cliff? Wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope you consider changing one day. It’s never too late. Until then, we will walk over here…and be happy about it. Because no matter how others act around us, and no matter if their attitudes try to harm us, we can create our own, safe place.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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