Gotta Run For Shelter. Gotta Run For Shade.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Even though the persons think I am a go with the flow kinda guy, I am not so much when my flow is interrupted with heat so hot you can’t breathe or chew your pancakes very good.

When we think about it, we have to recognize that we should have planned this “Live In The Moment” trip out sooner. I can blame it on Sheriff Brickle. But he said if you live in the moment, you don’t plan.  What do I know? After all, I am only backup. I do know we should have headed for the hills way sooner though. Any hill would have been ok.

Because right now, there is nowhere this Big Blue Treat Wagon can get to in order to escape this heat! It’s like an oven. And I love to eat. But I don’t wanna burn my pancakes. Who wants to burn pancakes?!

The persons know how to fret.  And fret some more.  That means worry. And they kept worrying about our campsite and the air conditioner breaking in temperatures that felt like 110 degrees.  And they worried some more.

Finally, they decided that we needed to move to a shadier spot. But was it really going to be shadier?  Worth the effort to move? They watched it hour by hour.  They watched the sun. They analyzed. They fretted some more.


And when it was all said and done, but nothing is ever done, they asked the park persons if they could move. And they said yep.

So we loaded everything up.  We packed it and moved it around and there we went again.  Down the road.

Have you ever felt like nothing makes much sense in your life? Sure doesn’t over here in site 18 at Crooked River State Park in St. Marys, Georgia.  I am not sure how we accumulate so much stuff to live.  All I need are the basics of what makes life delicious.  All any of us need are the basics.

But persons keep trying to load up more stuff to fill voids.  It’s like when you get an air bubble in a pancake and you hope that it will fill itself in.  Because who wants a hole in a pancake? But most people don’t know that the pancake will still hold together. It will still be delicious in its own way.

So why keep trying to force things into our lives that mean nothing and cause us more trouble?

Because I can tell you it would be a lot easier to move around if we had less to move around with.  On this day that was too hot, it was too complicated. It could have went a lot faster, persons.  And although I am not ever in a hurry, and apparently either is the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV because it wouldn’t start, we do need to plan better.  Just. Sayin.  Please don’t bring me to the south in the summer again, y’all unless you pack a bunch of pancake smoothies. That should be a thing.

Listen. There are going to be times when things get hot in life. You may need to readjust, to move in a different direction.  Know what is important to take with you like memories and lessons, and know what to leave behind.  Like regret and sadness.  All we can do is move to where we want to go in the best way we know how to do today.  Run for shelter. Run for shade.  You can do it!

Today, we are going to be visiting downtown, historic St. Marys, Georgia and taking a drive! Who knows what we will find! Stay tuned!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Gotta Run For Shelter. Gotta Run For Shade.

  1. Patty

    Praying for a good day. The Blue bus to run like it did when new, heat to go away and a cool gentle breeze blow. For GP’s poison ivy to be healed, all symptoms gone. Praying a blessed day!!!!!!

    1. Debra L Grimm

      Oh dear ones, I’m so sorry, and I SO understand! Here in Phoenix it WAS 110, and it’s supposed to be hotter today, and through the week.
      And I understand fretting. The monster and monkey brains visited me during the night.
      So here’s to a better day today. Please reassure your humans that others truly do share their pain sometimes, and please know how much you’re loved.

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