The Big Dog

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How big do you think I am? How big do I think I am? Maybe that’s the question.

Yesterday on the trail, we met a big dog. At least that is what his persons called him. They said that he was a friendly fellow, but that he didn’t know his strength. And so they suggested that we get off of the trail. Especially Fruity. Fruitycake is a bit…mouthy.

We all said our hellos and greetings. Stan, the big dog, was quite the figure. He was big in size, yes. But he also was big of heart.

He had just been rescued. And he was very overwhelmed. He might as well have been a small dog. Because he felt small. He didn’t feel confident. He was scared. He wanted to be accepted. And he wanted to do what his persons wanted him to do. But it was a lot. A lot for a big dog to take in.

If someone would have met the big dog Stan and not know his story, they may be afraid. Are we afraid of others because we aren’t educated about them? Are we judging others, not intentionally, but still judgmental? Can we work on this? I know I can.

No matter how old we are, we have so much to learn.

I learned that Stan just needed to feel loved. He didn’t want others to be afraid of him. We all want to be loved. That person or animal you are afraid of just wants to be loved too.

And that’s the biggest part of life there is.

Peanut Butter Brickle

One thought on “The Big Dog

  1. Robin Farnell

    Aw another rescue yea, hopefully after his adjustment period 3 days , 3 weeks, 3mo the he will feel more like himself. I sometimes am leary of larger doggies as a kid got bit by a German shepherd while I was riding my bike. All my doggies have been beagles, but my family has bull dogs, and heinz 57 type, so I just have to learn their personality. But still remember 🙃 and still have the scars from 53 yrs ago… have a good day BRICKLE AND FRUITYCAKE and make new friends 😊 💕

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