Intriguing Fruit

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’ve been really enjoying this Florida place the last week. I have all the sunshiney I can want.

I can hear the ocean at night. And during the day, we can go hiking or go the beach. And Brickle is in such a wonderful mood. Life is good.

But sometimes, I see persons trying to figure out why life is so good. They have to analyze everything.

Like everything needs a reason to be good. Like everyone needs a reason to be happy. Sometimes it’s ok just to be happy.

Why is that so intriguing? Why am I so intriguing?

Yes. I love to be up high on picnic tables. It’s one of my favorite things in life! My reason? The intriguing part is that I don’t have one.

I just love to do it.

Why is the sunshiney so warm to our heart? Why does the rain refresh? Why does spaghetti taste so good? Because they are good things. And our hearts long to be happy. I sure do. Life is sweet like fruit. Like me.

There are many problems in life we have to figure out. But don’t let the good things in life be questioned. If something makes someone else happy, be happy for them.

I may be intriguing to some. I may be a mystery. You may wonder what causes me to like the things that I do.

But not all things we enjoy comes with reasons. Intriguing js a word many have used to describe me lately. And that’s ok. But the truth is, I’m as fruity as this Fruitycake can be. I’m happy. I’m excited for all the good things still to come. And my emotions won’t be a mystery. I wear them on the outside for all to see.

Be happy. Smile when you want to. Laugh when you need to. And don’t look for a reason. Be intriguing. Have others wonder why life is so good.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

One thought on “Intriguing Fruit

  1. Robin Farnell

    Aw, Fruitycake, you do you, it nice to see you happy expressly since your beginning in life wasn’t easy and you had to worry a bit. But now you have a great brother’s Brickle and (angel Digby) and 2 persons that ❤️ you. But then you also have friends that love you too. So yes us persons worry to much, Crystal the beagle says momma just chill…. Enjoy the sunshine 🌞 Crystal goes to the spa today to get all clean, but tomorrow here in Augusta Ga it will rain 🌧 not happy about that

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