Take Your Pick

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Life is a lot of moving around, isn’t it? I’m starting to see that.

Persons are either moving ahead. Or falling behind. And even if they are standing still, their minds are moving. And feeling guilty about everything that they do. Or don’t do.

Us dogs are different. We always have a purpose in our movements. Even if we are sleeping, we have a reason for sleeping.

And we generally don’t feel guilty about our movements. Because we do what we need to do. There is no questioning it. So why do you question so much?

Yesterday, we had a decision to make. Well. Actually the persons did. We had to either move campsites. Again. And park until Saturday. Or we could stay in that campsite until Wednesday. And then move then. Didn’t seem like a big decision to most. But sometimes, it’s the little things you have to decide that seem like such a big deal. To the persons.

I think the little decisions are made more difficult by everything else that surrounds you. Your stress. Your job. Your problems. Your health. It all goes into it. And I’m sorry things are so difficult for you, persons.

It’s like some days you take your pick of what to deal with. And us dogs recognize that.

Although sometimes we may not understand fully the ends and outs. We see the effort you still put forth to take care of us. To feed us. To love us. Thank you.

We all have our pick of problems each day. But we have our pick of blessings too. Take your pick on what you focus on most. The small decisions we make can make a big difference.

We are slowing down our trek to that Florida place because the weather is still too hot for Brickle. So stay with us on our adventures!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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