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This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve had a lot of time to write the blogs this week. Because I’ve been stuck inside a lot. The rain and the cold has been no joke this week. When the weather is so bad that I want to stay inside, that is a rare occasion!

You think your week isn’t going so well. And then just one more thing happens. A thunderstorm of all thunderstorms popped up in the middle of the night. The lightening and thunder was so bad that I really couldn’t control my feelings. I was scared. Very scared. And no matter what the persons tried to do to help me, I didn’t want them to. Have you ever felt like that?

But then I looked over at Fruitycake and he was smelling the air so strongly. He looked at me and I knew it was time to call in the professional for help. It was time to call Fruitycake support.

Fruitycake came over to me and steered me under the table. He laid right on me and covered me. And for once I felt better. After all of these years, Fruitycake has been the only one to help me. I was surprised. But oh so relieved. It felt good to accept the help.

When you are needing help, how hard do you find it to ask for help? Once you ask, how hard is it for you to accept that help? If you’re like me, it’s hard.

But finally, at my age, I understand that no one can handle it all by themselves. If you are willing to help someone else, you don’t think bad of them, do you? So why not give yourself the same grace?

Fruitycake has been a good friend to me when I thought I could handle life on my own. But when the tough times have come for me, he finds his purpose in helping me. And I’ll always protect him. So call in support. Support like Fruitycake support.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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