The Cabbage Tree Story

This is Digby Pancake. Some days, there is nothing more important than a story. And some days, when you wake up and see you a cabbage tree out of your RV window, you know this is true.

Have you ever heard of a cabbage tree? Yeah. Me neither. Because according to persons and what they think that they know, cabbage doesn’t grow in trees.

So when Boy Person looked out of the window and saw cabbage in a tree, he wondered if he in fact knew everything that he thought that he did. He really wondered.

He didn’t ask me. But if he would have, I would have told him the Cabbage Tree Story.

One day, there was a little cabbage growing in the ground like all cabbages.  In the cabbage patch is where he grew.

But as he grew, he realized that he was getting taller and taller and taller.  Other cabbages left the cabbage patch.  But he was on the outside and no one seemed to notice him.  No one picked him out of the cabbage patch.  He felt invisible.  No one wanted a cabbage that looked different than the others.

So one day, he looked down on all of the other cabbages in the cabbage patch.  It seemed like he would never stop growing. He was as tall as his friend the oak tree!

For years and years, the cabbage tree grew tall.  And he wondered why other cabbages didn’t want to grow tall too.

Didn’t they know that they could? No! They didn’t know.  Because others told them how far up they could grow.  They listened to others and let others define their potential when growing tall was in them all along.

So one day, the cabbage tree told his oak tree friend that even if he was the only cabbage tree in the whole world, he knew that is what he was meant to be.  He knew that one day, another cabbage may look up and see him.  And know what a cabbage could become.

That’s the end of my cabbage tree story.

So you may be wondering…how did cabbage find itself in a tree? Is there any such thing as a cabbage tree? A tree that grows cabbage? Well, Brickle always tells the truth. And he said that he saw what happened. You see, Girl Person has made friends with a squirrel. And the squirrel likes salad.

So every time Girl Person has leftover vegetable or fruit cuttings, she throws it out the door to a certain tree that the squirrel hangs out at for his salad.  His own salad bar.

But apparently, Girl Person threw the cabbage too high.  So high that it got caught in the branches of the tree. And it was too high for her to get it out.  So, that tree became the cabbage tree.  Does it matter that persons think there is no such thing as a cabbage tree? Nope. Because there is one here.  And maybe, just maybe, one day, persons will realize that they don’t know it all.

Maybe one day they will realize that imagination can make a cabbage tree real.

-Digby Pancake

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