The Wrinklier The Raisin, The Sweeter The Fruit

This is Digby Pancake. I’m always being told not to eat something.

Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that. Don’t even think about eating this. Don’t even think about eating that.

So when we went to a place yesterday called Raisin Woods in this Georgia place, I was quite confused.

Even I know that dogs aren’t supposed to eat raisins. Unless they are the sky raisins that Brickle is obsessed with.

Girl Person said this place didn’t have raisins for US to eat. But that there were wild raisins growing there for birds and other critters.

That’s why it was called Raisin Woods. But my question was, what was the point of being here if I couldn’t eat anything?

Brickle said that since I had not been feeling good, we were all taking it easy. Instead of eating, we were hiking to be thinking. Kinda like food for thought, he said. These trails were for bikes. So they were kind of different.

We had to pay attention a little more. We had to go in a certain direction since we were hiking and the bikers had to go in another direction. That’s so we wouldn’t run into each other.

I’ve been around the block a few times. Ok. More than a few times. But just because I have experience, that doesn’t mean I think I know it all. This was a new kind of hiking to me.

And I figured it was good to think for a little while about something other than sickness. I could concentrate on what we were doing. How we were walking. What was around us and who was around us. It wasn’t a long walk, but it was a good walk.

Do you feel like a wrinkled raisin?

All dried up with nothing new to learn? Well, just because you are older, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something or learn something new. Change things up.

The wrinklier the raisin, the sweeter the fruit!

You have years of getting sweeter behind you. You have years in front of you. Find a path you haven’t taken before. See if you like it.

See what you can find out about yourself. Be like the raisin. Sweet. Fruity. Useful. Don’t go to waste.

Digby Pancake

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