I’m Not Easy Like Sunday Morning

This is Digby Pancake. Have you ever felt like you wanted to grab life and tell it what to do? Have you ever wanted to be the boss of life? To stop being led around on a leash of life? Yep. I do.

You see, I usually go with the flow.

And I’m usually not demanding unless it’s dinner time. Howl. Bark. Stare. Whatever works.

But I realized something lately. If I don’t voice how I feel, how will anyone know? How will Girl Person know it’s not acceptable for breakfast to take so long to make? She says it’s because breakfast is fresh. Nutritious. How about…faster??

How will the whole state of Georgia know I’m hungry? Or that I want to get a back rub? I have to tell everyone. Loudly.

I think the older I get, the more I know what I want. And what I don’t want. I know what’s important. I know what’s not. I could stay quiet about it. That sure would take less energy.

But if we don’t communicate, or if we don’t express ourselves, that’s a mistake. We don’t have to be rude to others to do so, though. We have to put forth more effort than that.

If we all were the same and all wanted breakfast at the same time, can you imagine how chaotic things would sound? Talking over each other makes no one get heard.

So express yourself and let others know what you expect or want. But make sure you do so with kindness in mind. Using my inside voice though? Not gonna happen.

Digby Pancake

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