When You’re Out Of Touch

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, what a week so far.  And before I forget, I want you to know we have a super special surprise tomorrow! Something that we have been working on for awhile…and we have only told our puppy friend Juneau.  She can’t keep a secret, so we will let her tell you tomorrow! Are you excited?

But now for business.  Something has come to my attention this week.  And it wasn’t something that I didn’t know.  Obviously.  But as usual, it takes the persons a little time to catch on to the truth.

We love traveling, we love it.  We love hiking.  We love it.  

So many times, we get asked if we would like a permanent home of our own.  We get asked why we don’t just stop traveling.  And I suppose that some days, yes, we do want a home of our own.  But for those that have a home of your own permanently, do you wish sometimes that you could travel?  You see, there are no perfect situations.  Just it is up to us to make the most of ours.

So while we are here and parked at our friends’ house, the persons told us we should make the most of the green grass and space that they have.  It is not often that we can stretch out and be ourselves. So running without a leash feels good.  

But the persons? Ok…Girl Person? She gets nervous.  Nervous that we might run away, even though I usually stop when she tells me too.  

She says it feels odd to see us…being…free.  

I want to say that I wouldn’t trade all of our travels and hikes on a leash because we’ve had so much fun.  But it’s nice to take a break from whatever our ordinary is.  Because we feel different.  We see what abilities we have.  We can try new things and wonder if we need to make changes or keep with our path.

So when Girl Person let us off the leash yesterday to run in the green grass, she let me go a little further.  She didn’t call my name every five seconds.  

And Boy Person reminded her that it was ok.  He reminded her that we were eleven years old.  He reminded her we had to the right to be what we wanted.  He reminded her we had the right to be free.  Girl Person was out of touch.  She could only see us being free one way.

And so when she told us it was time to go inside for the night, Digby went right away.  But I waited.  And then I ran as fast as I could to my bed outside.  I beat Girl Person.  And when she looked at me, she looked different.  Because she saw ME differently.

She told Boy Person she saw a light in my eyes.  She saw what made me happy.  She saw a glimmer in my eyes she had not seen before.  She said it made her stop.  It made her wonder why she had been simply blind to this light for all of these years.She said it was a shame.

She has always recognized Digby and I as individuals.  But she said she realized that she was missing something.  By only seeing what she wanted to see in us, she was missing many aspects of our personalities.  She wasn’t seeing our whole selves. Their were things about us she didn’t know, even after eleven years. Untouched.



Maybe you have only ever looked at your parents as parents.  Not as people who were young once.  Not as your friends.


Maybe you have only ever looked at who you are married to or your friends with expectations  of your own that you hope they live up to.  That crowds out what and who they should be.  Instead of enjoying that part of them, you only see unfulfilled expectations. And maybe you even let them go.

By only thinking we would run of the second we were free, Girl Person wasn’t giving us a chance to come back.  Sure, there is always, always a danger in trusting someone.  What do you want to always play it safe?  Or LIVE?  

If we only look at others one way, we probably don’t expect much out of ourselves.  Don’t be out of touch.  Truly see someone else and what gives a glimmer in their eyes.  

Peanut Butter Brickle

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