If You Are Among The Very Young At Heart

This is Digby Pancake. I’ve had a lot of time to think the last week. Yes. A little more time than usual while we are relaxing.

And when I met my new friend Juneau who is a little puppy here at our friends’ house, I wondered. What makes us different? Me and Juneau, that is.

Sure. I’m cuter.

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But what else? The persons always like to concentrate on numbers. Age. Appearance. They say that makes us different.

Even though they say that those things don’t matter, they don’t believe it. They say what is inside matters. The heart. But it’s hard for us to believe that they are thinking it. Truly. Me and Juneau, that is. We talked about it.

They do treat us different because of our ages. I can’t say that they don’t. So what are they seeing? The outside. But what they don’t know is that we don’t know. And you shouldn’t either.

I wake up the exact way I did when I was a puppy. I wonder what the day holds. I get excited for the day. I’m happy to be alive. I don’t know how old I am. And really, does it matter?

If dogs don’t care how old they are, why do dogs make so much of the time we have? Because there should be no difference in how we live, whether we are 1 or 12.

And we don’t care. Sure. We may have some aches and some pains later on. But we also have wisdom. And with that wisdom, we adjust. But still LIVE. We live because we are young at heart. Are you young at heart? You are. You just have to feel it. Recognize it. Remember it.

Please never forget who you are inside, no matter what anyone tells you. No matter what everyone else sees. You know your heart. You were a baby. A teenager. You were young and in love. You went thru things. You overcame obstacles. And you know what? Your heart knows all of that. Your heart has all of that inside. No matter what anyone’s calendar says.

For always, I will be me. A puppy. For always, be you. You’re no different inside. Now is the time to teach the ones young in years like Juneau this. Let them carry it inside.

Digby Pancake

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