The Horse Shower

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. We’ve been to a lot of places.

Some places were casual.

Some places were beautiful.

Some places were on the side of the road.

Some places were fancy. Ok. None were fancy.

But I say, who needs fancy schmancy? Who needs to be the star of the show all of the time? Apparently, Girl Person.

We thought we were going to relax and rough it for the weekend at a farm camp.

But we didn’t know that apparently a shower for horses would be the fanciest shower the persons have ever gotten clean in.

Yes. I said it. A shower for horses. A horse shower.

A shower so big that only a millionaire could afford it. You don’t need to worry about cleaning all your bits and pieces and then bumping into a wall.

Very spacious.

And apparently if you are a horse and or have the strength of a horse, you can knock that sink on the wall clear across the barn. Just for the fun of it.

Not only that. But if you are Girl Person and you know there are goats in the barn with you as you are taking a shower, well, you sing in that horse shower. You sing all the horse songs you know. That goats would like.

Some people may scoff at the idea of taking a shower for horses. But consider this. It is big. Spacious. And if you like the idea of mirrors in said horse shower while you are taking it so that you truly believe you are taking a horse shower, you are fortunate.

Because, oh the mirrors.

You can’t help but believe it.

Shower curtain? Why would a horse need a shower curtain? Nope.

You relish the fact you are in a barn with the cold air of the Georgia mountains coming in with no shower curtain. You say to yourself, oh, if someone walks in this barn while I’m in this horse shower, they’ll be so surprised. Oh, that’s a fact. But at least my bits and pieces will shine.

Now, if goats could talk, or goats could request to take a shower, I’m sure they would have asked when they saw Girl Person take one. Cause they just couldn’t take their eyes off her.

You see, not everyone needs fancy schmancy.

Some of us need different. Some of us need to laugh.

Some of us need a horse shower.

Sometimes, a shower just isn’t a shower. Sometimes life washes our pride right off of us. Because you see, when everyone gets in the shower, we are all the same. Sometimes goats are watching you. Sometimes you wonder what that horse had against the sink.

And sometimes, a horse shower makes you wonder what else you are missing out on. Never stop trying to find out.

You can book this Hipcamp spot in Marble Hill, Georgia here.

We are back on the road today and headed to Rocky Face, Georgia for a little vacation! Stay tuned!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Jackie

    This blog made my day!!!! And I could watch those horses kicking their heels up all day!!! Safe travels, Dear Family!!!!!! <<3 <3 <3 <3

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