By The Barn

This is Digby Pancake. Have you ever had someone offer you something that was truly special?

How did you feel about the offer?

Maybe it was a word of advice.

Maybe it was a home-cooked meal.

Maybe it was simply an offer to park by their barn.  Yep. This happened to us yesterday.

Some individuals you know for a long time. Maybe years go by and you don’t see each other.  

Maybe you don’t keep in contact as much as you would like to.

Maybe out of nowhere, they offer something to you so kind that you don’t know if you can accept it.  That’s what our friends did this week.

They moved to this Georgia place and they have a barn.

They have a big yard of green grass and mountains to look at.  And they have a new rescue puppy named Juneau.

They told us that since we were close by, we should come and park by their barn.  

We should come and relax a bit.  We should just come on down.

The persons were not quick to accept the offer. You see, they don’t like to impose. Girl Person said it was hard to say yes. But we did.

You see, sometimes we don’t know how much a simple offer of kindness can help someone.  

It can make someone feel needed.  Special. Valued.

It is hard for some of us to realize we mean something to someone else. It is hard to accept kindness in a world that pushes it aside.  

Maybe it is easier for us to give. Harder for us to take.

But remember it goes both ways. Accepting kindness makes the giver feel good.  And so we are still giving when we accept an offer, aren’t we?

Just like you never know what you will find in an old barn, you never know what you’ll find in yourself when you embrace the kindness of others.

We will embrace our two weeks by the barn.  We will accept the love shown to us. And we will have some fun too!  By the barn.

That is where we will be parked for two weeks.

And we have a feeling our new puppy friend Juneau will make it quite interesting. Won’t you enjoy some time with us in Rocky Face, Georgia?

-Digby Pancake

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