A Letter To The Animal Rescuer That Feels Alone

Life is overwhelming. We all get caught up in our day’s activities. We all have our own problems. We all have our own responsibilities.

Four years on the road has taught us so much.

But most of all, the animal rescuers we have met along the way have changed us. And they need recognition for what they do. We have tried to provide just a little of that.

Animal rescuers have no less responsibilities than any of us. But they take it upon themselves to do what they have to for the animals that need them.

A problem we have personally encountered is animals that are abandoned in state or city parks.

Some are in rural areas. Some are not. But as we have attempted to reach out for assistance from the parks, more often than not, we do not get help. Because so many times there are not rescues or shelters available to help.

And since we are in an area for a short amount of time, we reach out to everyone and anyone we can find on social media. And we have found that there is always one person…one caring person…who drops what they are doing to come and help the animal in need.

This last week, we found an injured cat and reached out to the state park for information. We were told they had been attempting to rescue the cat for days and would continue to. I thanked them because they deserved thanks.

I was shocked a park was trying to help. But later in the week, the park reached out to us for help. A dog had been abandoned just outside of the park and was roaming between an overlook and the park. They contacted their “go to animal rescuer”. And she came right over. As a storm was approaching, a dog house and food and water was left out.

She then came to our campsite to ask for our assistance in monitoring a trap. She had just got off work. She was tired. She had things to do. But this was important to her too. This dog was important to her. Out of all the area vets and other organizations in the surrounding areas said they could not help, Sonya came to help.

She explained to me that she worked with a rescue in New Jersey who found homes for the animals she could not place. I could tell the tears in her eyes were part of a story she wasn’t telling. Late nights. Heartache. Being overwhelmed. And she said she was worried. Worried about the area animals after she was gone. Because she was the only one truly willing to help.

Sonya, like many other animal rescuers we have met along the way deserve more than a letter. But maybe this letter can be a start to helping us all realize we need to help these ones. Not just the animals. The persons helping the animals.

Dear Animal Rescuer Who Feels Alone,

You are worth more than you could ever know. From the little paws you’ve stayed up with all night to the big paws that others were scared of, you did what you had to. It wasn’t easy. And you fear what else may come to you for help.

It seems like the abuse and abandonment and general disregard of animals doesn’t end in your town. Because it’s not ending anytime soon.

You may be alone in your efforts where you live. But there is someone else alone who is trying to help animals where they live. And that makes us not so alone, doesn’t it?

As you cry for one you could not save, someone else is crying too. Animal rescuer, you don’t know where you will find the money to care for the ones who need vet care. Animal rescuer, you have fed your animals before yourself. Animal rescuer, you are valuable. Needed. Appreciated. You are not alone. We see you.

And we need you. The animals need you. Even ones that have not been born yet. Animal rescuer, there aren’t enough words to express our thanks. However, until there are enough homes for all animals, you have our support. And you have the support of those whom you haven’t even met.

-2 Traveling Dogs

Do YOU feel alone in your efforts for animals? Tell us what you do and where you live in the comment section.

The inspiration for this letter came from Sonya Jones who is part of God Only Knows Animal Rescue.

P.O. Box 725

Chatsworth, Georgia 30705


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We also thank the office staff of Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, Georgia who make an effort to help abandoned animals.

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